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Your healthiest friend will actually want these fitness and food gifts—and most of them are under $25.  

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It's the most wonderful time of the year—and for many of us, the most stressful. So if you're running a little behind on your holiday shopping, nobody can blame you. That's why we curated 30 stocking stuffers for your healthiest friend—and they're all available with two-day free shipping via Amazon Prime. That means you can order as late as December 22, and your present will arrive just in time for Christmas Day. 


While these gifts are absolutely perfect for the people in your life who love to work out and eat well, they're also versatile enough to have on hand for other last-minute gifting—like when you're invited to a spontaneous Secret Santa exchange, or when a coworker surprises you with a present, and you want to make it look like you didn't totally forget to give her one, too. Our gift selections are designed to make the holidays a little easier for you, so most of our picks are under 25 bucks, but there are a couple pricier items on this list as well. 


Time to get shopping. Happy holidays! 

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