Outdoor Voices does it again.

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My love affair with Outdoor Voices, the activewear brand that’s quickly become a cult-favorite among celebs and athleisure fans alike, began while I was living in Austin years ago. Since the brand is headquartered in the quirky Texas city, I was lucky enough to spend many of my mornings joining in on jogs around Lady Bird Lake and getting sweaty at dance classes with my fellow #DoingThings (the brand’s motto) enthusiasts in the community.

Because of this, it’s safe to say my affinity for Outdoor Voices’ coveted leggings runs deep. And while they’ve long since become a staple in my gym wear rotation, I have to admit I was a bit more hesitant to give the brand’s sports bras a try. That was until, of course, Jennifer Aniston named them as her favorite in an interview for InStyle’s October issue.

While dishing all about her favorite products, Aniston deemed Outdoor Voices sports bras as one of the fitness staples she’s currently “loving.” This was enough of a sign for me to give my beloved brand’s sports bras a try, despite my struggles with sports bras and crop tops in the past.

Wearing sports bras has been a challenge for me as long as I can remember—one that’s caused to go as far as layering multiple sports bras over top of each other during my high school cross country days. I’ve since thrown aesthetic out the window in pursuit of supportive, breathable, and comfortable options that keep my relatively large chest in place during my workout of choice. For this reason, I was anxious to try OV’s Move Free Crop Top ($48; outdoorvoices.com), even though it’s a best-seller and has Jennifer Aniston’s seal of approval.

I decided on the Move Free Crop Top bra in the Evergreen color so I could pair it with my favorite 7/8 OV leggings, not only because I knew it would d pair well as a coordinating set, but also because I felt the bra’s cropped design would allow me to feel more comfortable and supported. And after wearing the Move Free bra just once, I knew I’d made the right choice.

Credit: Outdoor Voices

Straight out of the packaging, the sports bra felt just like my beloved OV leggings, thanks to the same proprietary TechSweat fabric designed specifically to keep you cool and dry during particularly sweaty workouts. With this in mind, I decided to put it to the test by wearing it to my favorite hot yoga studio and seeing how it held up through an hour of vinyasa flow in a super humid room heated to 90 degrees.

At the studio, I gave the sports bra the dreaded mirror test. To my surprise, it looked as good as it felt, with just enough support and no spillage in sight. What’s more, I loved the way the top’s racerback design and higher neckline kept me relatively covered (even though I was walking around in a bra). I felt confident and comfortable as we headed into the room to roll out our mats.

I was thrilled to find that the Move Free Crop Top Bra held up throughout my class better than any other bra I’d worn in the past. Not once did I have to readjust a falling strap or realign my chest for more support, and its sweat-wicking material kept me as cool as possible. Since my yoga studio of choice doesn’t have showers, I often find myself in the less-than-cozy scenario of riding home on the subway in damp post-class clothes. But when I left class to head home, I couldn’t help but notice my bra was almost entirely dry—a commuting hot yogi’s dream, to say the least.

While I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to retire my highly-supportive (but less than trendy) running bras from my gym rotation, the Outdoor Voices Move Free Crop Top has solidified itself as my go-to for yoga, cycling, and other more low-impact sweat sessions because it’s cute and comfortable. And since it’s available in multiple colorways—including new fall prints—I know my collection won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

You can head to Outdoor Voices to shop the Jennifer Aniston-approved sports bras you’ll surely want to keep wearing long after your sweat sesh.

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