Staring at a closet full of clothes but have NOTHING TO WEAR? Just a few wardrobe basics can transform your closet from drab to fab. Learn when to say no to the latest fashion trend and what works best for your body with this outfit guide.

•Stretch your clothing budget with pieces you can wear year-round. Investing in classic pieces that fit your lifestyle and climate is essential. Outfit staples like a cashmere sweater, jeans, trousers, and a blazer are super versatile—they can be worn to the office or for an evening out. Hint: Look for pieces with textured materials like silk and velvet. It will add interest to a monochromatic look.

•Take the time to purchase great, well-fitting undergarments. They can make or break an outfit, especially bras! Back fat and the droopy boob effect are never flattering. So go for a professional fitting. Larger stores and chain stores that sell lingerie can usually accommodate this request. Remember, measure for both cup size and band size. Also consider investing in some shapewear. These body slimmers can instantly cinch your waist, flatten your tummy, and shape every jiggly bit, from your breasts to your butt.

•Dont feel pressure to buy something because its trendy. Do you want to make sure the pieces you buy work for your body type, age, and lifestyle. If the answer is yes, then go for it. Otherwise, put the hanger back on the rack and walk away.