By LaShauna Williams, InStyle
March 28, 2017

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It's a common scenario for most women larger than a D cup. Picture this: You walk into a department store and see rows of beautiful lacy bras in vibrant colors, and then you spot the perfect style. If you can manage to even find your size, you go to the fitting room to try it on only to discover the most uncomfortable, ill-fitting bra in your life (squeezing here, poking there). You return to the floor feeling defeated and head over to the back of the room where the racks of boring neutral-colored bras are hanging. Sound familiar? Well, our editors had enough of these disappointing shopping experiences too, so we decided to test out some stylish and sexy bras in styles available in larger cup sizes. Read on to get our honest impressions of the fit and comfort of these bras, some of which go up to an H cup. And while you're at it, use this guide to make a shopping list of your own.

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