Is it just me, or is Dr. Scholl's kind of amazing lately?

By Kathleen Felton
February 15, 2017
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Let me start out by saying this is not an ad or sponsored post, I just am a big fan of Dr. Scholl's right now. While recently browsing shoes for our comfort wedding shoes story (I have the best job), I kept coming across Dr. Scholl's—and every time, I was surprised by how much I loved them. No offense to Dr. Scholl's or anything, but I usually associate their products more with those gel insoles you can buy at the pharmacy for plantar fasciitis than high fashion. But their latest styles are super cute, and because they're Dr. Scholl's, you can also trust that they'll feel heavenly on your feet: every pair is constructed with comfort in mind, and boasts good-for-your-feet details like cushioned footbeds, adjustable straps, and soles with plenty of traction. Here, nine to get before they're gone.

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