They feature arch support, a cushioned heel, and a stabilizing design for pain-free wear.

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Nurses spend most of the workday on their feet and, on average, walk around 3 miles per 10-hour shift. As expected, they need comfortable footwear to endure a day of rushing down corridors and attending to patients—and many become experts in finding supportive shoes. In fact, we’d argue that approval from medical workers is almost as good as a seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Luckily, there’s a pair of comfy kicks that has both: the Dansko Professional Clog ($130; The shoes first came to our attention thanks to a previous interview with Elizabeth Mounsey, a nurse practitioner in New York City. She called the clogs the “best shoe to keep your feet protected and comfortable during a long shift.” But we quickly discovered she wasn’t the only nurse giving them a stellar review. 

An additional 20 nurses raved about the Dansko clogs in reviews on Zappos. They claimed the style is far more supportive than tennis shoes and makes a huge difference in preventing issues like back pain and foot aches. One reviewer even revealed it’s been their “go-to” shoe for nursing for 12 years.

dansko professional clog with heel and arch support
Credit: Zappos

The brand’s flagship style edged its way into the hearts of medical professionals with its innovative comfort-focused design: It combines a spacious toe box, a padded instep, and a stabilizing frame with a contoured midsole that conforms to the foot’s silhouette for all-day support. It also features an anti-fatigue rocker—to help propel you forward—and a cushioned heel that stabilizes the foot while allowing for its natural up-and-down motion when walking. 

The result is a professional and iconic style that’s not just suitable for nurses, but other professionals that normally spend hours on their feet as well, including teachers, restaurant workers, and grocery store clerks. Plus, the classic pick pairs well with clothing beyond scrubs.

Select styles of the sleek shoe are also super easy to clean, like the patent leather version. Not only did Mounsey tell Health that’s her favorite material choice, but a critical care nurse working during the current COVID-19 crisis wrote on Zappos that they like how you can use a disinfectant wipe directly on the shoe. 

All in all, it’s clear why nurses can’t get enough of this comfy clog. Thankfully, it comes in plenty of colorways and a variety of widths, so you can find the perfect fit to wear mile after mile—or 3 miles, to be exact.

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