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From casual backyard nuptials to black tie soirée, we've got the best finds for under $200, so you can feel comfortable (and look on-trend) without breaking the bank.

By Susan Brickell
April 25, 2018

With another royal wedding quickly approaching in May (and countless Save the Dates currently taking up residence on our refrigerators at home), summer is certainly proving to be the most social time of year. But the often unforgivably hot and humid, sauna-like weather can really determine what we're comfortable wearing during wedding season. There are so many dos and don'ts to consider, too—don't wear something too short, don't be too flashy, and please don't wear white—that it can start to feel limiting when browsing your closet or shopping online. Whether it's an outdoor wedding (pit stains, yuck!) or a fancy indoor affair (but really, what does "garden formal" imply?) we've got you covered with stylish, comfortable, and breathable options that can easily transition from ceremony to reception.

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