“I can wear [it] all day without feeling like screaming, and that's a wonderful thing.”

By Braelyn Wood
June 30, 2020

Bras can have tons of flaws: painful underwire, falling straps, gaping cups, and ill-fitting bands, just to name a few. We learn from a young age to consider these flaws a necessary evil to get adequate support—and dream of the day we finally discover the perfect bra that defies these (admittedly low) expectations. Well, buckle up. It’s officially that day.

The Boody Body EcoWear Shaping Bra (from $17, amazon.com) ditches elements like wires, padded cups, and hook-and-loop closures in favor of a comfortable seamless design. That way you skip the problematic parts of a bra, while still getting the support your boobs need. And Amazon shoppers can’t get enough of the untraditional pick, declaring it the ultimate “bra for bra haters.” 

To develop this unconventional style, Australian company Boody started with its signature eco-friendly bamboo fabric. Not only is silky soft and super stretchy, but it’s extra breathable with cooling properties that make it great for warm summer days. Plus, the hypoallergenic fabric also boasts anti-bacterial properties that prevent stinky odors even after days of wear. (Though you really should be washing your bra after every wear.)

Between a lightweight fabric and cupless design, you’re probably wondering how the bra even gives the ladies a lift. Here’s a hint: It has wide straps that gently support breasts without digging into your skin, along with a ribbed fabric that offers slight compression without reducing the fabric’s breathability. Violà, you have just the right amount of light to medium support. 


Available in sizes XS to XL, the comfort-based design comes in a range of neutral colorways from white to black, including a handful of nude shades. There’s also a padded variation available for anyone seeking a bit more support and coverage. Regardless of your pad preference, hundreds of Amazon shoppers are confident you won’t be let down by the lightweight bra.

A 65-year-old reviewer wrote the Boody bras were “da bomb” before raving about their comfortable, cool, and sexy design that’s perfect for summers in Southern California. Another confirmed it was “the most comfortable summer bra ever” thanks to the unique cooling fabric. And a couple of bra haters rounded out the group, deeming it a match made in heaven.

“I hate bras,” one wrote, “But I really like this one. Soft, smooth, breathable! I can't stand being encased in wire and plastic and sweaty, scratchy nylon or polyester ... Ugh! As I said, I hate bras. But this one I can wear all day without feeling like screaming, and that's a wonderful thing.”

In fact, one reviewer wrote they’d be willing to pay premium prices for a bra this comfy. Luckily, they don’t have: the cooling style starts at just $17. That means there’s even a little room in the budget for a matching pair of underwear.

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