You'd never guess that these on-trend booties are either water-resistant or completely waterproof.

Kathleen Mulpeter
October 26, 2017

Getting dressed on winter mornings when you know you're going to have to endure some combination of rain, ice, and slush is the worst. Do you risk ruining your nice shoes, and spending the entire day with freezing feet? Or should you put on more sensible footwear even though it doesn't exactly go with your outfit? Of course you could wear one pair of shoes for your commute, and pack another to change into at the office. But none of these scenarios is ideal.

To the rescue: 100% weatherproof shoes that are equal parts functional and on-trend! Yes, they exist—and no, none of them are made of shiny rubber. Here, nine pair of booties that are worth investing in this winter.

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