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Adding these babies to our carts now.

By Susan Brickell
January 02, 2019

If you tend to get your fashion inspiration from Pinterest (all of us), you might have noticed that Pinterest dropped their list of trends for 2019 recently—and the findings are kind of a big deal for those who love to sport athleisure shoes. According to Pinterest, searches for "statement sneakers" are up by a lot (read: over 2,000%), and we are thrilled that our sneaker obsession is completely justified.

We know that tennis shoes are famously comfortable, and fortunately fashion-forward sneakers take a page out of that book. They have the feel of your favorite athletic shoes without resembling a running shoe (or your mom's old-school kicks), so you won't look like you came straight from the gym. We see them gracing fashion runways (think: Chanel, Versace, Valentino) and models and influencers sporting them on the reg (hey, Gigi Hadid). 

Statement sneakers are the cool-girl shoe that we can get behind. Below, the pairs we want to wear everywhere in 2019.

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