Credit: Carol Yepes/Getty Images

In New York City, you have to walk everywhere—even in the winter. Health's Big Apple-based editors reveal the winter boots that help them navigate slick, snow-covered sidewalks and stay warm, dry, and safe. 

Let’s be real: winter can be brutal. Between frosty winds, slippery sidewalks, and temperatures that drop into the single digits, we need all the help we can get to ditch the desire to hibernate. Since the first step to success is getting out the door, we tapped Health staffers to share their favorite snow boots for stepping out in foul weather. Our editors all live in the greater New York City area, where up to 4 feet of snow falls each winter. None of us drive to work—we all walk slick, snow-covered sidewalks to get to and from public transportation, which means we need durable, waterproof boots to keep our feet warm and dry and to maintain our grip on the ground. Read on for our standbys. 

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