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Whether you’re hiking, running, cycling, or exploring a new city, these top-quality options will keep you dry, comfortable, and protected from the elements.

By Chelsey Hamilton
April 25, 2019

The last thing you want during your next outdoor workout is to get soaking wet from an unexpected rain shower. For this reason, a good rain jacket deserves a place in every woman’s wardrobe. Aside from keeping you dry and comfortable in stormy weather, most rain jackets are also super breathable and offer just the right amount of coverage, meaning they can double as a light spring jacket even when it’s not wet outside.

Most options also include other functional details—like quick-drying materials and easily packable construction—making them the perfect versatile throw-over for any type of weather. And if you’re a fan of outdoor workouts or participate in activities like hiking or cycling, then it’s worth investing in a top-notch option that includes all the best features.

Here, we’ve rounded up the 15 best rain jackets for any type of outdoor workout or activity. Whether you need a breathable rain jacket for outdoor runs, a windproof and reflective option for cycling, a full-coverage anorak for wet hikes, or just a comfortable and lightweight raincoat that doubles as a spring jacket, you’ll find exactly what you need in our picks below. Trust us—next time you’re outside and get caught in a storm, you’ll thank yourself for planning ahead with one of these durable and high-quality options.

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