The best gym bags for women blend fashion and functionality, and will inspire you to get fit.

By Christine Mattheis and Madison Alcedo
October 05, 2018

You already have enough excuses sabotaging your get-fit-goals: you're busy at work, you're feeling tired, there's a new episode of The Bachelor on TV. So don't let an ugly duffel bag that you're too embarrassed to carry in public hold you back from logging a sweat session. The gym bag you use to tote around your clothes, sneakers, and toiletries should be so stylish that you want to show it off—and inspire you to go work out, of course. The best gym bags for women are fashionable enough to carry from the office to the gym to dinner out, and everywhere in between. They're also spacious enough to fit everything you need comfortably, and made of durable materials built to last. Plus, they make great holiday gifts. Here are our top picks; which is your favorite?

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