Bali Designs Comfortable Bra

This Best-Selling Bali Bra from Amazon Is So Comfortable, Shoppers Say They Forget They're Wearing It

“If there were such a thing as a soulmate bra, this would definitely be mine.”
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Finding a comfortable bra that's also supportive can seem like an insurmountable task—one that's all the more impossible when you're shopping online without the benefit of a fitting room. But leave it to Amazon shoppers to dig through thousands of options to find a true gem. Bali's Comfort Revolution Bra (from $15, was $44; is the site's best-selling plus-size everyday bra, and several reviewers say it's so comfortable, they forget they're even wearing it.

What makes this "life-changing" design so special? It's completely wire-free—but it still provides the amazing support that underwire bras are known for, giving you all the lift and hold you need without the risk of an errant wire poking your side. A wide band makes it look smooth under t-shirts (read: no back cleavage), and wide straps help keep it in place all day. Foam cups give it an additional layer of support and coverage. 

Bali's Comfort Revolution Bra typically costs $44, and price can vary by size and color. Right now, though, nearly every size and color combination available on Amazon is on sale for $30 or less. That low price point is a factor that has led plenty of Amazon shoppers to take the leap and order what quickly became their go-to bra. 

"The wire on my several-years-old bra snapped the other day and it was a blessing in disguise because it made me start my search for a new bra. I found this gem and decided to take a gamble based on so many great reviews," wrote one shopper, who ordered the bra in size 38C. "Wearing a bra is usually super uncomfortable and by the end of a work day I can'\'t wait to rip it off of my body and free-boob it. The Bali bra is like an invisible hug upon the boobs and for the first time in a long time I am not uncomfortable in that region."

Even reviewers who say they've struggled with bra shopping in the past have sung their praise for Bali's design. "I'm a very difficult fit: I need a wide band, good lift, and support due to the natural shape of my chest. Previous to purchasing this bra I had only ever worn underwire," one person, who purchased the bra in size 40D, wrote. "Not only does this bra do an outstanding job of supporting me for a wireless, but it also happens to be the absolute most comfortable bra I have ever owned. The straps never slip, a problem I constantly have with practically every other bra, the band never digs into me, and it helps smooth out my back and side rolls. If there were such a thing as a soulmate bra, this would definitely be mine." 

Shoppers who are past the breastfeeding stage of motherhood have also voiced their approval for the comfort and lift this design provides. "This bra is super comfortable, cute, and eliminates the uniboob effect [you get] with sports bras but also doesn't give you the 'hubcap' look that so often happens with large, molded cups," one such shopper wrote

Credit: Amazon

For less than $30, Bali's Comfort Revolution Bra can provide plenty of much-needed support and relief. Don't be surprised if it becomes your go-to. 

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