For every woman with big breasts who wants to rock a stringy suit top, this is life-changing.

By Sarah Klein
July 12, 2017

Body-positivity icon and Sports Illustrated cover model Ashley Graham has made it clear that she’s all about a sexy bikini—on any body. But in her Instagram story on Tuesday, she shared one thing she doesn’t love about a cute suit: the painful pressure on her neck from wearing a string bikini halter top.

Lounging beachside, Graham shared a link to a totally genius bikini hack originally posted by fellow body-positivity activist and author Allison Kimmey.


In the clip, which was posted last week, Kimmey deftly ties together the strings of a halter string bikini top to form a flattering crisscross shape instead. “Your neck will thank you!” she promises in her caption. Graham’s on board: She displayed her own unique take on the hack, turning her halter into an over-the-shoulder getup in her story, captioning the pic, “Get the pressure off your neck? Try this!”

She’s onto something seriously good for you here. Anyone who’s worn a halter-string bikini knows they’re notorious for digging into your neck and applying loads of uncomfortable pressure there. The discomfort is even worse for women with larger chests, like Graham.

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That’s because with every additional cup size, breasts add up to 10 pounds of force on the spine, according to a 2016 study published in Surgical Technology International. Tie up a halter top, and you’re asking your neck to bear the brunt of that force, leading to that dreaded neck and back pain. Fashion your own racer-back or over-the-shoulder version, however, and you relieve that pressure.

Judging by how relaxed Graham appears in her photo, it looks like she’s banished discomfort for good!