The Adidas Duramo Sneakers 'Feel Like Heaven' Out of the Box—and They're Nurse-Approved

The lightweight design packs cushioning and arch support for all-day comfort.
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No group has better intel on the most comfortable shoes than nurses. The healthcare workers spend most of the day (or night) on their feet, and supportive footwear is crucial to their roles.  So when a nurse gives a pair of kicks their stamp of approval, we're immediately adding them to the top of our shopping list—and that's the case with the Adidas Duramo Running Shoe (from $22;

The lightweight sneakers earned a perfect review on Amazon from a nurse who raved the supportive style was "sooo comfy" and passed the test of 12-hour shifts. And if that's not enough of an accolade, the style also earned more than 1,400 5-star ratings and a spot on Amazon's list of best-selling women's road running shoes. 

This high praise is well-earned. Although the shoes are lightweight, they're packed with ample cushioning to minimize painful pressure points. Their sturdy construction also incorporates both arch and heel support to maximize comfort. Altogether, these elements make the shoes feel "like a cloud"—like one reviewer wrote—and ensure they're ready to wear right out of the box for "walking, gym, and play."

Equally important, the design emphasizes fit with a mesh upper that hugs the foot to prevent slipping and sliding (and the blisters that come with it). It also has a roomy toe box, according to one shopper, which keeps feet from overheating and allows for natural toe splay within the shoe. (Natural toe splay offers comfort and better balance, and helps prevent foot injury, such as bunions and hammer toes.) Plus, they come in more than 20 colorways, so matching them to your current wardrobe is a breeze.

Credit: Amazon

"I have been struggling with foot and arch pain on the left foot and ankle pain on my right," wrote a reviewer. "If I spend any amount of time just standing in one spot or walking a lot, I have debilitating pain. I have bought several name-brand sneakers and inserts and compression sleeves. Nothing worked until I bought these." 

Another added: "Best sneakers I've ever owned! For real!! Super comfortable, even after walking all day for 8 hours in a warehouse on a concrete floor. I was skeptical of the comfort with the recycled ocean plastic, but I never noticed a difference. All around a great sneaker!"

One customer even revealed that they'd recently ordered a bunch of running shoes and only kept the Adidas Duramo. They said it was the most comfortable option of their selections and was easily the "best bang for your buck" with full-price styles available for $65.

And the cherry on top of the comfort sundae? The popular Adidas sneakers are up to 59% off right now on Amazon. The discount extends to select colorways and sizes, with most options available for about $50. With prices this good, we wouldn't be surprised if you purchase multiple pairs to add to your collection. Just don't forget to thank the nurse who found sneakers that "feel like heaven."

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