No two jeans fit the same

By Lena Grossman,
Updated December 22, 2016
Credit: Getty Images

They say no two pairs of jeans are exactly the same, which is why shopping can often be more of a headache than a relaxing experience. That’s why Deena Shoemaker, a youth mentor from Wichita, Kansas, has “a bone to pick” with clothing makers over obscure sizing practices. In a now-viral Facebook post, she calls out the ridiculousness of it all, reports BuzzFeed.

Shoemaker found inspiration for her post after scouring her closet for clothes to donate to a family whose house burned down. She quickly realized that her closet wasn’t exactly one-size-fits-Shoemaker. Her post is accompanied by a photo of her wearing pants of different sizes, showing that they all have a similar fit. She wrote, “As I was going through my clothes tonight I started to notice how dramatically different the size of all my pants were. And I have a real problem with the fact that my size 5 pants fit me THE EXACT SAME WAY that my size 12 pants do.”

She implies that when stores change sizes to make them bigger, it can morph into numerous self-esteem issues. Shoemaker called out Photoshop and the fallacy of retouching models: “At this point it’s a pretty universally known truth that you’re lying to us and those aren’t accurate portrayals of the human body.” She continued, “But when you resize a girl’s pants from a 9 to a 16 and label it “plus size,” how am I supposed to fight that? Photo manipulation is one thing but how do you expect me to convince her that the number printed inside her clothes is a lie too?”

Shoemaker encouraged her mentees not to focus on the number on their clothes: “Your size doesn’t determine your beauty; your life does.”