Over a decade ago, I hired a smart and sassy beauty assistant who I knew would one day set the world on fire. Kathy Kramer was the type of employee who was always coming to me with ideas—well, make that inventions—so I wasnt too surprised that after she resigned from the world of writing lipstick copy she put all her energies into creating a belt.

Like Kathy, this was no ordinary belt.

The Invisibelt ($22, is made of a thin plastic, so you get the support of a belt but with a flat, smooth surface. Quite simply, you wont see the trace of a bulky belt or buckle under thin sweaters or tops. I rarely wear belts, but lately Ive noticed my shorts and capris have been gaping at the back and I constantly need to pull them up. So I took home one of Kathys new stylish designs and it worked great: no more tugging of my short bottoms, no more plumbers butt. Best of all, the adjustable belt provides an instant stomach-slimming effect.

Kathy came to see me in my office recently wearing the ever-so-chic silver lace belt with white jeans. She left me with her latest creation: Invisibelt Girl. My 11-year-old daughter walked out of the house this morning wearing a pair of jean shorts that never fit properly—her Invisibelt, covered in cool purple peace signs, was doing a good job at holding things up.

If you've tried the Invisibelt, let me know what you think and email your thoughts to me!