Stocking Stuffers Under $20 That Are Perfect for Everyone on Your List

A great gift doesn’t have to be pricey—these small self-care inspired gifts will pack a big punch.

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stocking stuffers under $20


Right now, we’re all in the thick of our holiday shopping, and like it or not, the time crunch can bring on new levels of stress and anxiety. Once the big items are checked off your list, you can start to breathe easier; but sadly, your work is often still not done. Next, it’s on to the stocking stuffers. Somehow, they sneak up on all of us every year. But luckily, we’ve got lots of affordable stocking stuffer ideas that you may not have thought of yet.

Extendable Back Scratcher

stocking stuffers under $20


If you’ve got a partner who can’t stop begging for back scratches, we might have the answer to both of your prayers. This retractable back scratcher will give your hands a much-needed rest and allow them to scratch those hard-to-reach places on their own. (Best of all, they’ll get three in one pack, so they can keep them around the house.) 

To buy: Extendable Back Scratcher $10;

This Works Soothe and Sleep Gift Set

stocking stuffers under $20


Drifting off to sleep isn’t always easy. For the loved one who may spend hours tossing and turning, consider this natural and safe alternative to other sleep aids. The pillow spray features a blend of calming scents, including lavender, chamomile, and vetiver, while the “mood manager” includes ylang ylang, neroli, and patchouli to send them off to dreamland.

To buy: This Works Soothe and Sleep Gift Set $9; Anthropologie

Hot Hands Hand Warmers

stocking stuffers under $20


Holiday stockings are a great place to stick practical items that can be used throughout the season. These air-activated heat packs will keep hands toasty warm for up to 10 hours when the temperature dips. They’re also odorless, disposable, and TSA-approved for travel!

To buy: Hot Hands Hand Warmers $7;

Steam Eye Masks

Talk about relaxing. These warming, steam eye masks will transport you to a day at the spa and leave you feeling restored. Each box comes with 16 masks to a pack, which promise to relieve fatigue, moisturize dry eyes, and reduce puffiness and dark circles.

To buy: Steam Eye Masks $17;

Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone

stocking stuffers under $20

The Body Shop

For the friend who’s vowing to focus on self-care in the New Year, a gua sha stone is the perfect first step. The handheld facial massage tool is inspired by ancient Chinese beauty routines and made with ethically-sourced rose quartz from South Africa. In just a few minutes, it’ll leave the skin feeling relaxed, refreshed, and with a nice, healthy glow.

To buy: Rose Quartz Gua Sha Stone $19; The Body Shop

Crave Naturals Glide-Thru Detangling Brush

stocking stuffers under $20


Long hair is beautiful, but it also takes work to keep it healthy. This gentle detangling brush is perfect for using just moments after getting out of the shower, and will easily glide through knots and tangles in seconds. Adults love that it gets the job done quickly and efficiently, and kids love that it’s virtually pain-free.

To buy: Crave Naturals Glide-Thru Detangling Brush $16;

SpaLife Santa’s Squad Hydrating Facial Masks

SpaLife 10-Piece Spa Set

Hydrating face masks don’t just feel amazing, they also leave your skin looking amazing. According to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeichner, they’re "designed to deliver high concentrations of a particular active ingredient to the skin,” which can be especially restorative in the wintertime. This fun, holiday-themed pack comes with 12 different masks that will leave the skin feeling soft, dewy, and rejuvenated.

To buy: SpaLife Santa’s Squad Hydrating Facial Masks $15;

Hygge Trivia Game

The Hygge Game


Brain teasers and trivia games are fun at any age, but did you know studies suggest they can actually improve concentration and boost your mental health? This gift set has a unique twist, since it’s inspired by Hygge, the Danish concept of “taking time away from the daily rush to relax and enjoy life's quieter pleasures.” Curl up and play it with the whole family for a cozy night in!

To buy: The Hygge Game $20;

Touch-Screen Winter Gloves for Men and Women

stocking stuffers under $20


Gloves may not seem like an exciting gift, but this pair comes with an added bonus: the tips are touchscreen-compatible, so you don’t have to slip them off every time you send a text or answer the phone. Plus, they feature a super warm inner lining without being bulky, and come in a variety of colors for both men and women. 

To buy: Touchscreen Winter Gloves for Men and Women $10+;

Milly Pile Molded Footbed Slide

stocking stuffers under $20


You really can’t go wrong slipping a pair of cozy and supportive slippers into anyone’s stocking. This pair, from Dearfoam, have a memory foam insole, a comfortable molded footbed, and even feature patented “DF Adapt” technology that keeps feet feeling cozy, but never sweaty. Plus, they’re super stylish, machine washable, and WAY on sale for the holiday!

To buy: Milly Pile Molded Footbed Slide $19; Dearfoam

Kind Lips Nourishing Lip Balm

stocking stuffers under $20


Having a tube of hydrating lip balm on hand is always a must during the winter months, and this is one kind you can feel good about giving. Not only is it cruelty-free and USDA certified organic, but it’s also made by a small business right here in the USA. Best of all, Kind Lips donates 20% of its profits to anti-bullying, mental health, and suicide prevention organizations.

To buy: Kind Lips Nourishing Lip Balm $10;

Satin Pillowcase

stocking stuffers under $20


Oh, the wonders of a good silk pillowcase... Not only do they keep that “cool pillow” feeling all night long, but they’re also great for taming frizzy or curly hair and preventing breakouts by absorbing both moisture and dirt. No wonder this one from Kitsch has sold more than 2 million (and counting!).

To buy: Satin Pillowcase $15; Kitsch

Shampoo Brush Scalp Massager

stocking stuffers under $20


There’s a reason why this scalp massager has more than 51,000 positive reviews on Amazon. Customers love its firm yet soft bristles, which help work up a healthy lather of shampoo, promotes blood flow, and even prevents dandruff. Most say it’s deal for using on thick, long, or curly hair, and that it can help soften the hair’s texture and moisturize dry scalps.

To buy: Shampoo Brush Scalp Massager $10;

Scotch Porter Restorative Beard Conditioner

stocking stuffers under $20


Beards are definitely back and here to stay, but not every person is well-versed on how to care for them. This leave-in beard conditioner is a no-brainer for people who want to restore moisture to their beards and prevent dandruff, but aren’t about to start an involved skincare routine. (Bonus: All ingredients are vegan and cruelty-free!)

To buy: Scotch Porter Restorative Beard Conditioner $12;

The One-Minute Gratitude Journal

stocking stuffers under $20


Journaling may feel old school, but it’s slowly coming back into style, thanks to all the mental health benefits it provides. Experts say it can help people manage anxiety, reduce stress, and even cope with depression. This one-minute gratitude journal is specifically designed to renew and inspire the soul, by prompting writers to jot down three-to-five things they’re feeling grateful for each day.

To buy: The One-Minute Gratitude Journal $7;

Moisturizing Socks for Dry, Cracked Heels

stocking stuffers under $20


Anyone who suffers from dry, cracked heels knows it’s no fun, especially in the winter months when the skin craves extra hydration. But according to the Mayo Clinic, it’s also nothing to ignore, since it can sometimes lead to bigger problems if left untreated. These specially-designed heel socks trap moisture in where it’s needed most, thanks to an interior silicone heel pad that keeps hydrating lotion in place once it’s applied and ensures that the toes stay cool and dry.

To buy: Moisturizing Socks for Dry, Cracked Heels $15;

UpNature Calm Essential Oils Roll-On Balm

UpNature Calm Essential Oil Roll-On


Give the gift of calm, relaxation on the go. This roll-on essential oils balm is compact and travel-friendly, so it can be easily tossed in a backpack or weekender bag. It’s also available in a variety of scents that target stress, tension, and sleep. But don’t just take our word for it—so far, it has over 4,700 positive reviews from happy Amazon customers.

To buy: UpNature Calm Essential Oils Roll-On Balm $12+;

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

stocking stuffers under $20


When most of us think of fidget toys, we think of kids; but these simple-yet-clever sensory tools are actually made for all ages. The Infinity Cube can be held in one hand so fidgeters can flip and fold the pieces over and over again as they study, work, or even brainstorm. Plus, its addictive nature helps relieve stress in a productive way, rather than nail-biting, leg-shaking, or engaging in other nervous habits.

To buy: Infinity Cube Fidget Toy $12;

Cozy Holiday Socks

stocking stuffers under $20

Gap Factory

Fuzzy, festive, and one-size-fits-all! These adorable holiday socks are kind of the perfect stocking stuffer—not just because they’re cute, but also because they’ll come in handy on chilly winter nights. Better hurry, though, this soft, machine-washable pair is currently 70% off, and won’t last long!

To buy: Cozy Holiday Socks $3; Gap Factory

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