Title: Health Writer
Education: McGill University, Concordia University, Simon Fraser University
Location: Montreal, Canada
Expertise: Health and wellness, chronic illness, telehealth, sexual wellness, fitness, aging, CBD
  • Steph Coelho is a professional writer and editor with nearly a decade of experience writing, editing, and producing content in the health and wellness niche.
  • She has worked on content for Healthline, Medical News Today, Healthy Women, Psych Central, WebMD, and more.


Steph Coelho is a freelance health and wellness writer and editor with nearly a decade of experience working on content related to health, wellness, mental health, chronic illness, fitness, sexual wellness, and health-related tech.

She's written extensively about chronic conditions, telehealth, aging, CBD, and mental health. Her work has appeared in INSIDER, Healthline, WebMD, Greatist, Medical News Today, and more.

I've lived with a chronic illness almost my whole life. My goal is to help empower others with health conditions to advocate for themselves.


Steph has a BA in history from McGill University, a BA in leisure studies from Concordia University, and an editing certificate from Simon Fraser University.

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