Title: Email Copywriter & Health Writer
Expertise: health, wellness, mental health, nutrition (keto, low-carb, paleo), product reviews
  • Email Copywriter for Low-Carb Coaches
  • Contributing Writer, Medical News Today
  • Contributing Writer, Healthgrades
  • Ex-Software Developer


Stefano Iavarone is an email copywriter for health coaches who want to grow their business and help more people. He is also a health writer with hundreds of published articles on health, nutrition, wellness, and product reviews.

Stefano is an ex-software developer who knows first-hand how stress, deadlines, and mismanagement in the workplace can affect a person's ability to stay healthy when they're rushing from one thing to the next. He has also acted as a product owner, supporting telecommunications projects and campaigns, from research to testing, and launch, advocating ethics and the customer's journey for healthy decisions.

When he's not working, he's cooking delicious food for his wife Kristina or listening to an audible book.

To know true health is to learn more than the standard health advice.


Stefano has a Bachelor of Science degree with honors in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from the University of Malta, Malta. He also has a fascination with copywriting and ethical selling and is part of research and critical thinking masterminds, including Stefan Georgi's RMBC, Sean Ferres, and Troy Ericson.

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