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These sleep sprays and pillow sprays are infused with calming aromatherapy ingredients like chamomile and lavender for better sleep.

If you're trying to fall asleep faster, there are a lot of factors to consider, from the temperature in your room to noise levels to whether or not you're using a supportive pillow. Scent may play a role, too; many people swear by pillow sprays to help them drift off to dreamland a little easier. There may be some truth to these claims, says W. Chris Winter, MD, a neurologist and sleep medicine specialist—that is, provided the formula contains lavender. "There are a couple of studies that indicate it might have sleep-promoting effects," he says.


Not a fan of lavender? Another fragrance you associate with a calming memory (say, a beachy spray that instantly evokes your childhood family vacations, or a rose-scented perfume that reminds you of your grandmother) might also help you catch some Zz's, Dr. Winter says. "Sprays can be helpful if we pair a certain smell in our minds with the act of sleep," he says. "This is particularly true with travel. If you associate a certain smell with your bedroom, spraying that in your hotel room can trick your brain into thinking you're at home."


Here, five sleep sprays that contain lavender (as well as other potentially soothing ingredients such as chamomile) to help you fall asleep easily.

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