If one of you is always hot and the other’s always freezing, you need to check out the BedJet.
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Like many couples, my partner and I are plagued by a constant battle over the thermostat. In a dramatic twist to the usual hetero version of this narrative though, I’m the sweaty one and he’s always freezing. (Let's call it subverting the patriarchy... or something.)

So when the folks at BedJet offered us a sample to try, I was intrigued. The so-called "climate comfort system" allows you to heat–or cool–just one side of the bed, thereby suiting your personal thermometer without disturbing your SO’s equilibrium. I was even more intrigued after seeing the BedJet tagline, which promises comfortable nighttime temps no matter your climate complaint: "Some like it hot. Some need it cool. Some just want to stop night sweats, and others need different sleep temperatures than their partners." Sound like you? Of course it does!

Here’s how it works: The set comes with a top sheet that has an opening for a vacuum-like hose on each side of the bed. The hose connects to the BedJet base, which is what produces the heat or cooling power. Each side of the sheet can balloon with air, but the sheet is sewn together in the middle; air pumped into one side can’t escape to the other. (You can buy two machines and hook them up to the same top sheet if you’re fancy.) You can use it with your regular sheets and blankets and disconnect it when it's time for a wash.

Not us, but wait another decade or so:

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As one of the sweatiest people I know, I can sleep comfortably through most autumn and plenty of winter nights without turning the heat on as long as I’ve got a sheet and a blanket. But at the slightest drop in temperature outside, my partner's ready to crank up the thermostat. With the BedJet steaming up only his side of the bed, though, we could both doze off in our ideal environments.

We test-drove the BedJet in November, and while it certainly hasn’t been the chilliest fall here in New York, it was cold enough not to need additional cooling power. Still, I’m confident the reverse situation could work for us, too: Before needing to turn on any AC in late spring and early summer—which would usually freeze out my SO—I could use the cool setting on the BedJet to sleep comfortably until even he warmed up mid-summer.

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It took us a few tries to figure out all the settings. Understandably, for safety reasons, the heater automatically turns off after a period of time (ranging from an hour to a few hours, depending on how hot it’s blowing). At first, mornings still felt cold to my guy, until we learned which button to press on the BedJet remote to extend the warmth. (Thanks, user's manual!) One morning, shivering on his side of the bed, my partner woke me up at 5:30 a.m. pressing buttons on the BedJet remote in the dark. (We quickly learned how to mute the beeps!)

Credit: amazon.com

To buy: BedJet V2 Climate Comfort ($370 for one unit, $870 for two; amazon.com)

Of course, the system also isn’t cheap. especially if you’re a couple and both of you want your own—but neither are all the blankets he'd need otherwise. We started referring to it as our robo-bed, and we didn't even get into some of the more techy features, like a smartphone app that lets you control the device via Bluetooth and customizable temperature settings. I knew I was going to have a tough time ever getting the device back on my side of the bed the night he excitedly said, "I can’t wait to get into bed with my BedJet!" I’d say the 89% of reviewers who have given it five stars on Amazon would probably agree.