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Sleep face-up? These firm and contoured pillows provide ample support.

Considering the average human spends one-third of her life sleeping, investing in comfortable bedding seems like a no-brainer. But with the number of options on the market, finding the perfect pillow to rest your head on is a little overwhelming, especially if you prefer a certain sleeping position.

For back sleepers, a firm, high loft pillow with divots for the head and neck provides the spine alignment that’s necessary for a comfortable night’s sleep. “You want a pillow that’s a little firmer so the head’s not going back too far,” says Rocco Monto, MD, an orthopedic surgeon in Nantucket, Mass. “It’s got to contour a little bit better and take on the shape underneath your neck.”

Here, we share the pillows that provide support and alleviate neck and shoulder stiffness while you catch your nightly Zs.

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