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Calluses on the feet can be painful and unsightly, but these podiatrist-recommended products can help.

By Anthea Levi
October 15, 2019

Calluses may be common, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. The thick lesions typically form under bony pressure points on the feet. "They are the body’s way of forming a natural cushion against the rubbing of shoes or other bones like in the case of hammertoes," says Jackie Sutera, DPM, a New York City-based podiatrist and member of the Vionic Innovation Lab. "Then that cushion, or callus, can become swollen, painful, and unsightly."


To avoid calluses, opt for shoes that accommodate your foot shape (AKA avoid narrow, pointy, or high heeled shoes). "Once a callus has already developed, shoe gear becomes even more important," says Dr. Sutera. Consider padding the area and applying soothing creams that can help soften the skin.


"The best way to treat a callus would be to have it evaluated by your podiatrist who can professionally thin it down and sometimes administer an anti-inflammatory medication (oral, injectable, or topical) to reduce the pain and swelling,” adds Dr. Sutera. Not sure what to use in the meantime? Below are the five best products to use if you have calluses on your feet.


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