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Looking for the perfect baby sunscreen? These sunscreens for babies will keep your little one safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

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Babies are… well, delicate. So it's probably not surprising that little ones need special kinds of sun protection when spending time outside. Although experts don't recommend slathering a newborn with sunscreen (instead, shade them from the sun's rays with umbrellas, canopy strollers, and light blankets), it's okay to start using baby-specific sunblock once your child is six months old.

But is baby sunscreen really any different than the formulas we use as adults? "Baby sunscreens are generally fragrance-free and contain mineral blocker ingredients only, such as zinc oxide," New York City-based dermatologist Joshua Zeichner, MD, tells Health. And because applying sunscreen on children can be challenging, Dr. Zeichner also recommends choosing the highest SPF protection available. "While in theory, any sunscreen above SPF 30 gives very little additional benefits, in reality, we do not apply as much as we should and definitely do not reapply as we are supposed to. So, that SPF value gets diluted out."

To make sure you’re prepared, we tapped dermatologists for their recommendations. From natural and waterproof formulas to sun lotions for sensitive skin, we’ve rounded up the safest sun blockers for your little one.

The best baby sunscreens to buy in 2021

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