September 23, 2011

  • If you just assume that the strong chlorine smell at the indoor pool at your gym means the water is superclean, think again. Germs could be lurking! [CNN]

  • It’s no surprise that kissing is a good way to exchange all sorts of germs. Mono is often referred to as the "kissing disease," after all. But all that saliva swapping can actually be a boost to a woman's immune system—especially during pregnancy. [HuffPost]

  • From flavored to "smart," there are a lot of gimmicky, souped-up spring waters out there. The latest addition to the batch: blk. water. And it's exactly what it sounds like: black. [Vital Juice]

  • You probably heard the news this week that one of the largest sperm banks in the world has stopped accepting donations from redheaded men. But is their sperm really less desirable? [TIME Healthland]

  • It can sound cheesy or feel embarrassing, but don't underestimate the power of visualization when it comes to a healthy diet. A recent study found that it may be possible to imagine your cravings away. [dailySpark]