Fur Oil promises to soften pubic hair and reduce redness and irritation. But does it really work?
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Ever since Selena rocked a post-Beiber bob, I’ve been team breakup haircut as the cathartic but defining “thank u, next” move. But after my own recent breakup, I decided to go in a different direction: My dramatic hairstyle change happened below the belt. Yep, I’m talking about growing out my pubes (and on the internet, no less).

When my ex-bae expressed a preference for an all-bare-down-there vibe, I didn’t put much thought into it and took razor to crotch to remove the landing strip (well, more like the mohawk) I’d been sporting. But after we split, I tossed my razor in a triumphant fit and beckoned the bush to grow with all the confidence (read: BDE) of a college football player in gray sweatpants.

Thanks to science, three weeks later I was sporting an 80s fro in my nether regions. My newly sprouted bush was definitely the cute-meets-crunchy vibe I was going for–but it was shockingly wiry!

In a TMI conversation with a gal-pal who’s been rocking the bush since before body hair was trendy, I asked if she had any advice to soften the sinewy fur. (Everyone should have a friend who helps you solve your pube problems.) Her suggestion: invest in some pube oil. Fur Oil, to be precise.

Right then and there I ordered every bush-beauty product the company has (because I never do anything halfway). Into my cart went pubic oil called Fur Oil ($44, dermstore.com), a tube of Stubble Cream ($34, dermstore.com), and something called Ingrown Concentrate ($28, dermstore.com)–because why not.

Credit: Fur/Getty Images

I’m not one to beat around the bush (wink) so let me just say: After three weeks of consistently running the Fur Oil through my pubic hair, my bush is a goddamn dream.

You’re probably wondering what’s in this magical oil. According to co-founder of Fur, Lillian Tung, Fur Oil is an all-natural product with four main ingredients: jojoba oil (to soften the hair and moisturize the pubis), grapeseed oil (for hydration), tea tree oil (to prevent ingrown hairs), and clary sage seed oil (to reduce redness and irritation). She says it’s free of phthalates, parabens, silicone, and artificial colors or fragrance.

I’ve interviewed enough gynecologists to know that my vagina cleans itself like a champ and that vaginal washes and creams could throw off the pH balance down there. But celebrity physician Rob Huizenga, MD, author of Sex, Lies & STDs, promised me that if I used the product properly, there’d be no increased risk of things like yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis. “Just don’t insert the oil inside your vagina, because it might upset the natural bacteria and pH of your body,” Dr. Huizenga says.

An A+ student, I massaged the Fur Oil into my down-do and the skin around it after showering but was careful not to put the moisturizing oil inside. To apply the product, I squeezed the yellow-tinted oil up into the little dropper cap, then dribbled the oil right onto my pubes. I was worried that it would leave a greasy stain on my panties, but the oil is lighter than most face oils I’ve used and absorbs quickly. Sexy undies be saved!

And then there’s the scent. The oil smells like a candle that’d be lit in a high-end restaurant bathroom, with its mix of minty lemon and cotton sheets. (Don’t worry, my lady bits themselves didn’t starting smelling like eucalyptus; only my pubes did right after I applied the oil.) It smells so good that I understand why some women might apply it to their legs, underarms, or eyebrows—Tung says the product can be used anywhere hair meets skin, including beards.

After three weeks of use (Tung suggests a minimum of two to see a difference), my pubes are softer and my bikini line (where I still shave some of the hair so I can wear booty shorts to CrossFit without “spillage”) has fewer ingrown hairs. And yep, the once-coarse hair is as soft as you'd expect from regularly conditioning any hair.

The only downside of the product is that at $44, it comes at a bit of a steep cost. But considering it does what it says it’s going to do—prevent ingrowns and soften my pubes—I’d say it’s worth it. Until further notice, I’ll be rocking a bush and keeping it #silkyfresh with pube oil. But if I decide to go bare again and want to fight ingrowns and irritation, Fur Oil is just the product to help me do that, too.

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