August 25, 2009

  • We’d have to have been living under a rock to miss today's news about cutting back on added sugars. But we have to admit, it’s a little confusing trying to figure out where all the added sugar in our diets is actually coming from. Here, 10 foods surprisingly high in sugar we all might want to avoid. [U.S. News and World Report]

  • When it comes to birth control, preventing sexually transmitted diseases is something most people want from their preferred method. Seems like a no-brainer. But a recent study found that Swedish men may instead be proud of catching an STD, thinking chlamydia makes them more manly. Ew! [The Local]

  • If you thought our 25 bad-news foods were bad, you’ll be blown away by this new monster sandwich available at select KFCs. The blogosphere is up in arms about the nutritional value of bacon, cheese, and sauce between two pieces of fried chicken. Who thought that was a good idea? [HuffingtonPost]

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