They've been in the sex-toy industry for 10 years, and they've got insight to share.

By Anthe Levi
April 23, 2018

If you’re plugged in to the sex toy market (pun intended), chances are you’ve heard of We-Vibe. The innovative brand is behind buzzy devices like the We-Vibe Jive, a Bluetooth-connected toy that lets you pleasure your partner from anywhere in the world (here’s how). That high-tech tool is an extension of We-Vibe’s core product: the couples vibrator, which is designed to pleasure both partners while they get busy between the sheets.

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What you may not know is that We-Vibe is celebrating its 10-year anniversary. The brand was founded by Canadian couple Bruce and Melody Murison, who say they came up with the idea for a couples vibrator during a long car ride. “With our shared tech backgrounds, we wanted to pursue our dream of inventing a product that would be both high-tech and bring people closer together,” Bruce told Health via email. “Based on our experience with tech, I said, ‘What about a sex toy?’ and the rest is kind of history.”

We’re sort of dying to know more about that history. So we asked both husband and wife to share what those 10 years have taught them about love and intimacy.

Great sex means trying new things

Incredible orgasms don't just happen—it's up to every couple to push the envelope and keep things exciting. "There is this idea that making an investment in your sex life isn’t as important as other aspects of your health. Folks that are new to toys are reluctant to spend more than the cost of a dinner out and often get a toy that does not provide the delight they were looking for. Once people get acquainted with toys, they know that it is worth spending a little extra to get a toy that will feel really good, last a long time and not release chemicals from the rubber it is made of."

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Women take the lead when it comes to sex toys

Ladies, listen up. "Men, while usually the vocal sex in regards to variety and spicing things up in the bedroom, can be hesitant to incorporate sex toys. There is this myth of being replaced by a good sex toy that we were originally surprised to hear. However, now we’re seeing that once men witness the pleasure women get from a sex toy, they are reassured and the perceived ‘threat’ is replaced with an interest in how else toys can enhance their sex lives."

"This then opens the door for many men to discover the pleasure of toys made specifically for them. Men's solo toys can be used during foreplay and other toys like penis rings can be used with a partner during sex. One of the biggest surprises for me has to be the sheer amount of people who have thanked us for inventing We-Vibe and have told us stories of how their love lives have been genuinely improved."

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A hot sex life is a key to happiness

Sounds like a no-brainer, but keep it in mind. "Melody and I are constantly amazed by the affects a healthy sex life can have on people's overall sense of happiness and contentment. If you’re able to let each other mature, grow and shine together, that will help both in your sex life and in the bigger picture."