Definitely read this if you have Memorial Day travel plans.

If you haven't booked any getaway time yet this summer, it might benefit you to think about getting out of the house and squeezing in a few weekend trips here and there.

A new survey finds that 34% of Americans say their sex lives are better when they’re on vacation. This is opposed to 55% who say their sex lives are the same whether they're away from home or in their own bedroom. The survey was conducted by travel site

The tendency to have better sex on vacation might have something to do with the fact that you’re likely to be more relaxed on vacation. In fact, the new survey says 58% of respondents said relaxing was what they most looked forward to as they prepared to go on vacation.

Being relaxed doesn't just put you in the mood to be intimate, it can make it easier to orgasm. “Orgasms are about release, letting go, vulnerability,” Marisol G. Westberg, PhD, board-certified sexologist in Portland, Oregon, previously told Health. When you have an orgasm, the amount of a calming hormone called prolactin in your body surges.

Another reason vacation sex can be amazing? You're probably less pressed for time. Not only do you have more time for sex, you’re less likely to stick to routines that dictate when you usually have sex at home. “At home we tend to follow a routine, but on vacation, all bets are off. We can experiment with different times of the day that feel best for us instead of getting pushed into having sex in the evening,” Holly Richmond, PhD, a sex therapist based in Los Angeles, previously told Health.

Richmond pointed out another reason sex might be better on vacation: Your clothes are more sexy. “People tend to dress sexier on vacation. Most people don’t bring their old, comfy clothes on a trip,” Richmond says. In that respect, the “look your best, feel your best” mantra might be realized when you go on a trip.

To sum up, your sex life gets better on vacation for any number of reasons. If you're already enjoying crazy-hot sex with your partner, taking a trip together will keep things amazing or take the action up another notch. Having trouble connecting in the bedroom? It's the perfect excuse to look for some cheap flights this week.

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