Tracy’s Dog Is One of the Most Popular Sex Toy Brands on Amazon—and It Launched 2 New Vibrators

Both releases are so good, they have more than 80% perfect ratings.
By Braelyn Wood
August 17, 2020
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Amazon has a satisfying lineup of covetable sex toys, from a bendable vibrator that hits all the right places to a powerful wand that makes significant others irrelevant. Its robust offerings include essentially every toy you could imagine from a wide range of brands including the undeniably popular Tracy’s Dog.

The fast-growing sex toy company, which sold over 1 million products last year, earned notority when a hilarious Amazon review went viral for its clitoral sucking vibrator. The pleasurable pick quickly became Amazon’s best-selling clitoral vibrator and it dominated the number one spot for months. 

Now the O-focused brand is back at it again with the launch of two completelynew sex toys: a pulsating G-spot vibrator named The Pecker ($43; and a powerful rabbit vibrator called The Craybit ($43; Released earlier this summer, the penetrative designs both have nearly perfect reviews on Amazon from satisfied customers that say they live up to the brand’s hype. 

The Pecker is the more inventive of the two launches. Its finger-shaped design relies on a pulsation motion, rather than a vibration, to create the namesake “pecking sensation” at the tip. We know it sounds unappealing, but reviewers say this creates a completely brand new type of sensation described as “divine.” You can cycle through 5 different pulsation modes (up to 4,500 per minute) and manipulate the super flexible construction to get the best angle. 

Of course, it does offer standard vibration, too. A second motor located in the shaft allows you to choose between 10 intensity modes to target a completely different type of stimulation. The 2 motors have separate switches, so you can jump between using each motor individually or combining their power. 

Credit: Amazon

“I really think this is one of the most innovative toys I have come across in years,” wrote one 5-star reviewer. “The packaging is great, the build quality is great, and the look and feel of the toy is perfect! The pulsating function makes it a truly wonderful toy! If you are looking for something very different to anything you’ve owned before, than I cannot recommend this highly enough.”

Another review agreed, writing the unique tapping sensation was an ideal alternative for anyone that struggles to orgasm with traditional vibrations. A pick that shoppers say you “won’t want to pass up,” the Pecker is rechargeable, waterproof, and compact enough to use with a partner.

If you’re more into simultaneous internal and external stimulation, The Craybit is your best bet. It’s an upgraded version of rabbit vibrator, which simultaneously targets the clitoris and G-spot. It has 3 different powerful motors that work together to bring you to a climax by rotating through 15 vibration patterns that vary in intensity. Although it doesn’t reinvent the wheel, the toy has earned 97% perfect reviews

“This rabbit is my new best friend,” wrote one reviewer. “This is by far the best toy I have ever purchased for myself. It is soft and sleek, but really powerful, and is sure to make you orgasm over and over again.”

Another agreed: “I’m new to the toy life. I bought my first toy 8 months ago and decided that I should add another to my arsenal. It arrived quickly and let me tell you, I didn’t make it past the first setting. My legs fell apart and the pulsating that my body was doing gave way to the best squirt of my life.”

Credit: Amazon

To buy: The Craybit, $43;

Needless to say, these 2 toys are just a small sample of why users can’t seem to get enough of the toys released by Tracy’s Dog. Luckily, both launches are equally affordable with prices under $50. Plus, shipping is fast and discreet, so adding these picks to your shopping cart today is guaranteed to make your weekend way more fun.

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