We're in the frigid depths of winter right now, and that means it's prime spooning season—the time of year when you and your partner can linger under soft, warm covers and enjoy all the amazing sensations this hands-free, super intimate sex style offers. Spooning "is one of the easiest positions to get into, and probably the most comfortable and natural,” says Sadie Allison, PhD, author of Ride 'Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking.

If you love nothing more than the closeness and orgasmic pleasure a spooning session brings but are getting a little bored with bumping and grinding on your sides, try one of these six expert-approved variations. You’ll feel just as close to your partner, there are no pretzel-like contortions involved, and you’ll definitely break a sweat—on even the coldest of days.

The cradle

This chest-to-chest pose puts your breasts front and center and also encourages feelings of safety, connection, and nurturing, says California-based intimacy expert and educator Miyoko Rifkin. Have your partner start in a cross-legged position, then sit on top of them with your arms and legs wrapped around their torso and over their shoulders. Have your partner enter you and take charge of the thrusting. “By having your partner support you entirely, it gives you this feeling of weightlessness and relaxation,” she explains. “It’s a perfect position for reconnection.”

Up and over

When traditional spooning feels too same-old, a tiny tweak can make a huge pleasure difference. While your partner is in the big spoon position, throw your upper leg back over their legs. “That will change the angle of penetration and make room for more rubbing and grinding with hands and toys,” says Toronto-based Jess O’Reilly, PhD, Astroglide’s resident sexologist. Plus, your leg will sort of enclose theirs, cutting down on their range of motion so their thrusts become shorter and faster.

69 spoons

It doesn’t get much more intimate than this oral-sex variation, which mixes the insane pleasure of standard 69 with the closeness of spooning. Just lie on your sides comfortably and put your faces between your legs, instructs O’Reilly. then tease each other with your lips, mouths, and tongues. Take turns bringing each other to orgasm...or orgasm in sync, so you both finish together.

Lap dancer

We’re not talking about a striptease here. Have your partner sit back, keeping their legs together. While facing away from them, back into their lap, and lean into their chest. Have your partner enter you from behind and hold still as you rock back and forth and up and down, enjoying the sensation of their penis in the sensitive lower third of your vagina (where the most nerve endings are). “You’ll really get that back-to-front closeness,” says Chelsea Holland, sex and relationship therapist with the Colorado-based Intimacy Institute. While you keep grinding, they hold on to your hips with a firm grip, steadying your movements.

Spoon on top

Get in the reverse cowgirl position, with you on top of your partner but facing their feet. After your partner has entered you, slowly lower your back so your upper body lies on top of theirs. This woman on top/spoon hybrid gives you the control of being on top but the intimacy of being pressed up against each other. Plus, your partner can stimulate your clitoris and breasts—holding your body tight as amazing orgasms shake you to the core.

Lazy dog

This spooning-doggy style blend is super sexy and cozy. You lie flat on your belly with your legs parted, while your partner lies directly on top of you. You’ll feel warm and close as your partner drapes their body over yours, triggering deep sensations as they move in and out of you. “Like spooning, this is a great move for when you’re tired,” says Allison. “And you can add a pillow under your hips for leverage—makes it easier for them to go deeper and hit your G-spot.”

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