This Smile Makers Vibrator Is Shaped Like a Tongue—and Reviewers Say It Feels Like One, Too

Forget the chef’s kiss—we’re all about the French kiss.

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One thing ice cream cones, penguins, and lipstick tubes have in common? They're all unlikely vibrator shapes whose novelty designs are adorable but do nothing to enhance the experience. But for some vibrators, like the Smile Maker Frenchman ($55;, the shape is the entire experience.

Developed by Smile Makers—the sex toy company destigmatizing women's pleasure—the unique device has a flexible silicone tip designed to mimic a human tongue. Rolled and shaped like an ice cream scooper, it bends and twists against the body, and the final effect is described as being like a ~French~ kiss down there. (Especially when used with lubricant.)

Unlike most toys, which aim to be powerhouses, the Smile Maker vibrator is delicate. It stimulates the body without overwhelming it through 4 different speeds and 2 pulsation modes. Reviewers say this makes it the ultimate option for a slow, sensual session and keeps the toy quiet, so you won't alert your roommates to any of your solo escapades.

Better yet, the versatile pick isn't just for the clitoris. Its unique shape can be used on the nipples, thighs, or even scrotum—basically anywhere you'd usually use a tongue. And unlike a mouth, its all-silicone waterproof build can be submerged underwater for long periods of time without requiring oxygen. That means exploring non-bedroom locations just got way easier.

smile Makers the frenchman tongue vibrator
Smile Makers

To buy: Smile Maker Frenchman, $55;

Of course, the unique shape of the toy means there's a specific way to use it. It should be stroked up and down the body to mimic someone licking—and this extra labor pays off. One reviewer wrote it makes the vibrator feel like "the closest thing to a tongue" that they could imagine from a sex toy, while another says the sensation is just like oral sex.

Reviewers also agreed there was something undeniably intimate about using the Frenchman. They say its "light touch" was unlike any other sex toy and the resulting orgasm was the "most intense" they'd experienced. One reviewer even wrote it was her favorite from the Smile Makers lineup because it just felt "romantic." You couldn't say the same about a penguin or ice cream cone.

Needless to say, this vibrator definitely deserves a spot in your lineup, even if you already have a real Frenchman. Just be sure to order a few AAA batteries at the same time—we'd hate for you to be unprepared for its arrival.

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