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We've got nothing against the bedroom; it's a perfectly fine place for getting it on. But there's something to be said for trying a new sex location that offers different sensations. And no other part of the house can make the action feel as fun and adventurous quite like your shower can. Between job responsibilities, home, and your social life, it's not always easy to carve out quality time for a sex session. That's where shower sex comes in. You both take one every morning anyway, and you're already undressed. Plus, you don't have to worry about cleanup—just soap up, rinse, and towel off.

How to Have Shower Sex—Plus 5 Sex Positions to Make It Even Better
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Even though there's no reason to skip sex when you're menstruating, lots of women just don't like it—they feel crampy, for one, or they don't want their bed sheets look like a crime scene. But getting it on during your period actually has health benefits, and doing it in the shower means doing away with any mess.

We know what you're thinking: Shower sex is one of those things that sounds a lot sexier than it really is—like sandy beach sex or backseat of a car sex. But there are ways to do it so it's exciting and pleasurable, and even leave you feeling more bonded to your partner. Let our guide below make the case for why shower sex should be at the top of your sexual playlist.

How to have shower sex

Set the mood

Ian Kerner, PhD, a sex counselor and psychotherapist based in New York suggests making the bathroom a little sexier before getting it on can be a total gamechanger. Bring a portable bluetooth speaker with sexy music set, try candle light to avoid glaring bathroom lighting, or trying out aromatherapy can really get your partner in the mood, Kerner tells Health. At the very least, consider your water temperature. Debra Laino, a Delaware-based sex therapist, suggests warm to hotter (but not too hot!) to keep things spicy, as cold water can be a mood killer.

Try it as foreplay

"I'm a big fan of shower sex as part of a broader 'sex menu' rather than a meal unto itself," says Dr. Kerner. "So I suggest soapy sensual massages, lots of wet steamy kissing, experiment with waterproof toys...Get those genitals aroused with manual touch, enjoy sensual kissing. Towel dry each other lovingly and then make a clean dash for the bed where you can get horizontal and finish what you started."

Don't forget the lube

One of the drawbacks of having sex in water—whether it's a shower, pool, or a hot tub—is that the water can wash away your own natural lubrication. The drier your vagina is, the less pleasure you'll feel, and you could even end up with small tears that cause pain.

To avoid this, consider it a good reason to keep a personal lubricant nearby. "Opt for water-based lube over silicone and oil-based, which don't dissolve," Alyssa Dweck, ob-gyn in New York and co-author of The Complete A to Z for Your V, tells Health, and can therefore contribute to infections (not to mention, end up on the shower floor and make you slip). Water-based lube tend to wear off faster, however, so make sure you have plenty within reach.

Play it safe

Of course when it comes to sex in slippery places, i.e. the shower, safety is key. Keep the soap for massages only, no lotions or oils, opt for a non-slip shower mat, and of course no acrobatics. If you're using a condom, put it on before you hop in. "Attempting to use your wet slippery hands to open a condom and put it on doesn't always work effectively," psychologist and sex therapist Rachel Needle, PsyD, tells Health. "If you are going to use a condom, make sure it is a brand that is durable in water."

The best shower sex positions

Like sex on a sofa, shower sex confines you and your partner to a small, tight area—your bodies are pressed up close together, allowing maximum touching and kissing while you're doing the deed. At the same time, finding a position that works for both of you can be a challenge.

Standing doggy

shower sex positions
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If your shower is fairly large, Dr. Kerner suggest Standing Doggy, a variation of doggy style where the receiving partner bends forward to grant entry. For leverage, press your hands against the wall to help keep your balance. This is where a non-slip mat would come extra handy.

Standing oral

shower sex positions
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Oral sex in the shower can be super steamy, as long you're not receiving a face full of water in the process. "The receiver of pleasure should always have their back to the water, so that the giver is shielded from a direct spray," says Dr. Kerner. "This makes it easy for a partner to get down on their knees and orally pleasure a penis." For extra comfort, put a washcloth under the giving partner's knees.

The bodyguard

shower sex positions
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Recommended by Dr. Evan Goldstein DO, the founding doctor of Bespoke Surgical in New York, this move is exactly how you imagine it. You and your partner are facing in the same direction, allowing for standing penetration from behind. [This move] make[s] sense for shower sex because [it's] the most comfortable and require the least amount of body contortion within the limited space you're playing in," Dr. Goldstein tells Health.

Suspended congress

shower sex positions
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Keeping your partner's height and size in mind, the receiving partner would be lifted and supported by the wall while the penetrating partner is straddled and supporting their receiving partner's legs. If you're the giving partner, "Be sure to make sure your feet are well planted and there is something you can grab on to in case you get weak in the knees," says Dr. Needle.

One leg standing

shower sex positions
Credit: Meredith

A good position for stability, the receiving partner raises a leg, which the giving partner holds while penetrating. "If the shower has a shelf, shower footrest, or window ledge, USE IT!" says Needle. "One partner can put their foot up and balance [themself] while being penetrated from the front or the back."

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