Because a cold vibrator is a total buzzkill.

By Jazmine Polk
Updated January 03, 2018

So it’s below zero outside, and you and your partner decide to create your own sparks with a little between the sheets action. You pull out your favorite toy, and it’s freezing to the touch. A total buzzkill, right? Well, thanks to the folks behind what might be the world's first official sex toy warmer, you'll never be faced with an ice-cold vibrator again.

Appropriately called Warm, it's made of soft vegan leather and looks a lot like a trendy clutch bag. Put your toys and lubricants inside it and plug it into the wall, and it uses low-voltage wattage to heat up your pleasure gadgets to your ideal temperature in less than 20 minutes.

Warm is available at online and at sex toy stores and retails at $149. That's pricey, but since it's cute and discreet, you could unplug it and also use it as a sex toy storage space or carry tote on trips.

So how did this genius appliance get its start? Warm was the product of a passionate night between its creators, LJ and Janine. Apparently LJ decided to warm up their sex toys, thinking it would bring Janine more pleasure. The heat actually did enhance sensation, as heat does. With that, a brilliant and sex-positive idea was born.

“To have foreplay taken to such a whole new level, one that involved something being prepared completely for my indulgent pleasure, broke open my ability to receive pleasure and intimate connection in a way I had never experienced,” Janine said in a product press release. “As our relationship continued I discovered passions I didn’t even know I had. One of those (I realized) was to find a way to make what I was enjoying into a marketable product so others could feel the difference too!"

Well, then. Winter, bring it on!