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January 10, 2018

Leave it to Lovehoney, the UK brand that sells vibrators, handcuffs, and lubes galore, to forecast the most popular sex toy trends for 2018. The company recently released predictions for the sexy devices that will hit big this year, including luxury toys, men’s toys, toys for people in long-distance relationships, massage wands, and toys for anal play.


Not sure you're into toys? Think of them as a way to try out new moves and discover new sensations. “Sex toys really expand the erotic horizons for people because there are so many different types of devices and ways to use them,” Holly Richmond, PhD, a Los Angeles–based sex therapist, tells Health.


To help you hop on the sexy trends—either solo or with a partner—we’ve rounded up a toy from each of the categories Lovehoney thinks will pop off this year. Here are five of the hottest devices on the market, plus insight on how each can take your O to the next level.


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