Let go of the remote, then rock those cushions.


Aside from your bed, the couch is probably the most comfortable piece of furniture in your home—the place where you're most likely to share space with your partner. That means plenty of lazy moments reading, scrolling Instagram, binge-watching ... and then suddenly realizing you're in the mood.

So next time you're hanging on the sofa and feeling sparks, skip the clumsy walk to the bedroom. strip off your clothes, and give one of these positions a try. Some are super intimate (your couch's tight quarters offer snuggly closeness); others are down and dirty. All will show you why rocking the cushions can lead to a deeper connection and plenty of orgasms too.

Couch spoons

“Spoon-style sex can be super intimate, warm, and cuddly,” says Anne Hodder, ACS, a multi-certified sex educator. Spooning on the couch has even more advantages: It forces you to meld your bodies tighter and closer, offering more opportunities to touch and kiss. The firmness of the back of the couch supports the big spoon's obliques. Meanwhile, they can reach around and play with your breasts or clitoris, or gently nip the back of your neck as you revel in the pleasure.

Couch spooning has another advantage for male partners. Hodder points out that this position, “can feel especially nice for the penis because the vagina’s entryway is narrower due to the positioning of you legs.”

Sofa-style oral sex

Moving oral sex from the bed to the couch is all about comfort: no more back or neck pain or deadened knee caps for the giving partner. Hodder suggests this move: Sit at the end of the couch, your back against the armrest and your body turned so you're facing the opposite armrest, your feet up on the couch cushion. Your partner then lies perpendicular to you on their stomach, their mouth strategically ending up in your lap.

It's comfy, easy, and both giver and receiver can last a long time. This position also gives your partner "nice access without having to kneel, fold in half, or experience too much neck strain—and you get to sit back, relax, and receive,” Hodder says.

Over the armrest

Maybe your bed is just a bit too low for doggy style to really work for you. That’s where the firm armrest of the couch comes in. It's more likely to be just the right height for you to bend over comfortably and spread your body without having to balance on your knees or bend in an awkward, libido-killing pose.

Couch doggy style has a few fun variations. You can lean over the armrest, then have your partner stand and enter you from behind. As they thrust, you've got lots of soft cushioning to use for hands support. Or try this twist: Kneel on the cushions facing the back of the couch. Your partner then kneels behind you; you can both grab the back of the couch for support and start bumping and grinding.

Either way, both styles provide the right support for quick and long in and out thrusts, and they reduce pressure on your knees, says Alicia Sinclair, certified sex educator and CEO of The Cowgirl, b-Vibe, and Le Wand. The less painful pressure, the more you can make the action last.

Couch cushion standing sex

Sure, the couch is comfortable—but you can also use it as a prop for a move that's partly done on the floor. For this position, stand on the couch cushions with your legs spread apart. Have your partner stand on the floor facing you. “The couch will offer the height you need to align your pelvises, but it can also offer a slightly sturdier surface than a bouncy mattress,” says Sinclair.

Depending on the height difference between you and your partner, you may need to adjust how wide your legs are spread or bend your knees a bit to get in a receptive position. Once you find the right alignment, though, take advantage of the fact that your hands are free. Use them to grip your partner's shoulders or butt. Grab deep and use your hands to guide their pacing.

Couch cowgirl

Ultimately couches are for sitting, which is why this woman on top spin is a super appropriate way to abuse your sofa. Have your partner sit upright on the couch, then straddle them, bending your knees at their sides or (if you're flexy) wrapping them around their body. Then, take control.

“The couch is the ultimate prop for an awesome on-top ride,” says Sinclair, noting that you can grip the back of the couch for sturdy balance as you rise and fall on top of your partner. But it's not all about being rough and wild. This position is ideal for sharing slow, intimate kisses, as well as breast touching and caressing, she adds.