Here's what the new year might have in store for your sex life.

In 2019 we saw anal sex go mainstream, CBD lube make penetration more pleasurable, and straight women enjoying watching lesbian porn. But a new year is here, and according to top sex experts, 2020 is going to bring new sex positions that will have some serious staying power. 

Below, experts share five new sex positions that they predict will be big in 2020. 

Bend over baby

If you don't yet own a sex pillow, now is the time to get one. Though these sex aids aren't new, Jess O’Reilly, PhD, host of the @SexWithDrJess Podcast, tells Health they're just starting to get the appreciation they deserve. She suggests using them to give doggy style an upgrade. Place the pillow on the side of the bed with the thicker end closer to the edge. Stand and face the bed with your partner behind you, and bend over the pillow. “This will pop your bum into the air while allowing you to comfortably rest the top of your body on the mattress,” says O’Reilly.

Jill McDevitt, PhD, resident sexologist at online intimate boutique CalExotics, tells Health this angle opens up the vaginal canal for deeper penetration. It also positions the entrance of the anus well for anal penetration, she adds. If you want to add clitoral stimulation to the mix, McDevitt suggests placing a palm-shaped vibrator on the pillow. You or your partner can also reach around with your hand, too.

Double penetration missionary

If you thought we were leaving anal sex in 2019, guess again. “Anal play isn’t going anywhere in 2020,” certified sex educator Alicia Sinclair, CEO of COTR, Inc., an intimacy product manufacturer, tells Health. People are only getting more adventurous, and that’s where textured and vibrating butt plugs come in. “Textured and/or vibrating plugs give you so much bang for your buck when you’re stimulating the anal sphincter muscle,” says Sinclair. You can use lube to slide the plug in, and then keep it in during missionary style sex for a double penetrative experience.

Another option: Wear a plug in public. Since vibrating plugs can make a slight buzzing sound, Sinclair recommends a non-vibrating option for when you want to be discrete. “Wearing it on a date night can be a super hot experience,” she says. It’s basically prolonged foreplay for all the sex you’re going to have when you get home.

Mutual masturbation 

Mutual masturbation is seriously underrated, but Lisa Finn, an educator at sex toy emporium Babeland, tells Health that's going to change in 2020. “Mutual masturbation is when you and your partner touch your own bits in front of each other,” explains Finn. Start by making out and getting a little handsy with your partner. When you’re both plenty turned on, sit side by side on the couch or bed. Then, touch yourself while watching your partner do the same. 

If you have a free hand, “touch your partner on the arm, neck, or leg to boost the intimacy of the moment,” suggests Finn. You can also alternate between watching your partner touch and making eye contact to heighten the connectedness of the moment. 

Playful rider

Traditional woman on top is so last year, but adding a vibrator gives the position a new and exciting twist. "Rider on top is an excellent position because the rider can control the depth of penetration and make sure it’s pleasurable to them," says Sinclair. Have your partner use a vibrator to stimulate your clitoris while you ride them. (Sinclair suggests using a wand vibrator because the longer handle allows for easier reach.) You might be on top, but this way you're giving some of the control over to your partner, meaning you can relax and let go. Pro tip: Wearable vibrators work great for this position too, as they free up you and your partners' hands to be touching each other. 

Mindful masturbation 

Yep, masturbation made the list twice. Why? Well, 2020 is going to be all about owning your independence. Enter mindful masturbation. “Sometimes you just want to rub one out, but slowing it way down and really taking the time to explore what sensations turn you on can be a great way to develop a better understanding of what feels good,” says Finn. If you have a go-to vibrator or sex toy, put it away. “Take some time explore your other erogenous zones. Scratch your thighs, pinch your nipples, wrap your hand around your neck,” she suggests.

Gradually move your hand between your leg, and explore moving your fingers clockwise, counterclockwise, up and down, back and forth, or in a tapping motion. As you do, “pay attention to your breath as you would while meditating, making sure that you are breathing,” advises Finn . This can help your body and mind relax, she adds, “giving you a completely different O then you’d have when you’re short on time.” 

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