This Is the Sex Position Cardi B Says Got Her Pregnant

Her new interview with Ellen DeGeneres was all about the birds and the Cardi Bs.

Cardi B is on top in more ways than one. On The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday, the “Bodak Yellow” rapper talked about her pregnancy—and how it all went down.

As DeGeneres replayed a sexy video from her performance at Coachella last weekend, Cardi B couldn’t help but share, “I was just trying to show the world how I got pregnant in the first place.”

Her comment scored big applause from the audience, and producers put up a still image of Cardi at Coachella mid-twerk. “Like that,” she said, pointing to the photo. “That’s how it happened.”

From the looks of it, Cardi B was in the woman on top position, which is actually one of the best sex positions for conceiving, according to an ob-gyn we interviewed recently.

“In the woman on top position, [you] can control the depth of penetration to make sure the cervix is right up against the penis during ejaculation,” Jennifer Landa, MD, an ob-gyn at BodyLogicMD in Orlando, previously told Health.

Woman on top with your hands and feet propped up as Cardi B's are in the photo requires a lot of strength and energy—which she displayed in her Coachella performance and in nearly every other appearance since she entered the spotlight.

This position also puts a woman's body on full display. And knowing Cardi B, she certainly has the confidence to pull that off.

Later in the interview, Cardi B told Ellen that people advised her, “the more you move, the easier [the baby] will come out,” explaining why she was bumping and grinding all over the festival stage. (That's not scientifically proven, but exercising is good for everyone, including expecting moms-to-be.)

After talking about her bedroom style, Cardi B also revealed what she’s been craving during her pregnancy. In addition to “ice cream, ice cream, ice cream,” she’s favoring more “lemon-ish” foods. And while she hasn’t announced the sex or name of her bambino, she does have a name in mind.

Thanks to Ellen, however, we can confirm she and Offset won’t be naming their little one Susan. "No," Cardi B said, adding that her kiddo's name will be "almost tricky."

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