The staircase, really?

By Blake Bakkila
Updated May 02, 2018

It looks like people are doing more than just living in their living rooms and bathing in their bathrooms. When it comes to having sex in the house but outside of the bedroom, these two rooms, along with the guest bedroom, ranked as the top three places.

The survey, by home and garden design firm House Method, went out to 1,048 men and women. Respondents fell between ages 18 and 80 and lived with their significant other. The results showed that couples were intimate all over their homes—with the kitchen, den, and home office taking the next three spots, followed by the dining room, home gym, laundry room, and the staircase.


Couples didn't just limit themselves to other rooms within the home—some enjoyed romps outside of them. Eight percent of respondents said they’ve had sex in their front yard. More than a quarter said they made the ground quake in the backyard.


Unmarried couples living together had sex more frequently in every location (other than the bedroom) than their married counterparts. The one place marrieds knock boots more often than unhitched couples? The closet. Couples with kids were also most likely to do the deed in the bathroom (probably because it's the only room with a lock, right?).


If you’re feeling dissatisfied with your spouse or sex life, maybe it’s time to ban the bedroom. Couples who did their bumping and grinding outside of the bedroom were 11% more satisfied with their relationship and 33% more satisfied with their sex life than those who stuck to the boudoir.