Put these pleasure moves back in your bedroom rotation.


A satisfying sex life is crucial to your health and happiness. But there’s so much fun stuff to try between the sheets, sometimes the positions you really love get passed over for the latest pretzel-like contortion the internet swears will give you a mind-blowing orgasm.

When seven women (who will stay anonymous because, well, TMI) got honest about the positions they think are the most under-loved, it was the classics that got the most shout outs—along with a few old-school poses that might surprise you. Here's what they told us and why they gave these positions so much praise.


“Everyone calls missionary a boring position, but anyone who thinks that must be doing it wrong. I find that it's one of the few positions that actually makes it possible to orgasm thanks to all that clitoral stimulation, and there are so many ways to mix it up depending on what you're in the mood for.”

Woman on top

“Guys always want to be the one with all the control, and that's why they like to be on top. But flip it the other way, and guys get an amazing view plus a free show. Let the woman get on top and do what she wants to do, and then you can have your turn.”

Making out

“Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a quickie with no kissing and no real intimacy is hot. But there’s nothing like some heavy making out and a little second base to set the mood—I find it makes my orgasms so much more intense. Foreplay, people! Don’t forget about it!”

Reverse cowgirl

“Most times I have sex, it’s after dinner, when I’m full and bloated. I’d prefer that not to be in his face. So, reverse cowgirl allows me to let it all out because his eyes are just on my ass—I can enjoy myself without feeling self-conscious at all.”


“First of all, I’m lazy. All you have to do is barely lift your leg, like you’re doing fire hydrants at the gym, and let him do his thing. And his hands are free to touch my clitoris, which makes it even better for me. I can basically still be asleep and still get off. That’s my ideal.”

Knees to chest

“Every guy I’ve ever slept with has thrown my legs over his shoulders at some point during sex, but I’d rather him push my knees toward my chest between our arms. It still tilts my pelvis up to the right position, but makes for such a tighter fit, which benefits both of us.”

Chair pose

“This is the Netflix and chill of sex. While you’re watching TV, he sits on the couch, you sit on top, and you just bounce up and down. It’s a triple whammy: You get a quad workout, you get off, and you don’t miss a minute of Game of Thrones.