A new study ranks the top toys in each state, and it sure is an eye-opener.


Whether you’re going solo or looking to spice things up with your partner, sex toys can enhance stimulation and increase pleasure in the bedroom.

But which toy is best? It depends on your personal preferences, but this might give you an idea: According to a recent study conducted by Bespoke Surgical, dildos are the sex toy of choice across America, taking the number one spot on a list of the most popular toys.

To come up with the list, researchers analyzed the search interest in sex toys on Google Shopping. They selected eight broad categories to narrow the results: butt plugs, vibrators, dildos, handcuffs, bondage gear, cock rings, male sex toys, and strap-ons.


Fifteen states had the highest interest searching for dildos, and vibrators came in a close second with 11 states. Bondage gear and butt plugs tied for third, strap-ons took fourth place, and cock rings were the fifth most-searched sex toy online.

The study also focused on the number one toy in individual states and major cities. Strap-ons were the most-searched sex toy in Rhode Island, Delaware, California, and New York. People in the Big Apple were most interested in adding cock rings to their cart, while Los Angelenos were on the hunt for bondage gear.

Hey, no judgment from us; anything that increases sexual satisfaction also gives your health a boost, and we're all for that. “Sex toys really expand the erotic horizons for people because there are so many different types of devices and ways to use them,” Holly Richmond, PhD, a Los Angeles–based sex therapist, told Health earlier this year.