When you want to get it on—but don't want to do any heavy lifting.


High-energy sex can be thrilling and fulfilling. But sometimes you crave the kind of slow-mo, leisurely action that requires minimal effort—yet offers maximum pleasure. That’s where these lazy sex positions come in. Recommended by sex experts, they’re perfect for when you’re too tired or chill to work up much of a sweat…but you’re in the mood for orgasms.

“Lower-effort sex positions are a great way to stay connected with your partner when work, kids, and life sap your energy,” Sadie Allison, founder of online sex toy boutique Ticklekitty.com and a sexologist who holds a doctorate in human sexuality, tells Health. Here, 6 expert-backed positions that’ll make you O even when you need zzz's.

Chill missionary

Missionary is like the vanilla ice cream of sex positions. But that's exactly why it hits the spot when you're not up for acrobatic action. Lie back, have your partner enter you, and let them do the rest. Instead of hiking your legs up to your shoulders or stretching your arms overhead (and getting muscle cramps in the process), keep your limbs wherever they feel most comfortable.

This undemanding move is perfect for when you just want to enjoy the way it feels to have your partner move inside you. You also connect emotionally thanks to the eye contact, kissing, and touching missionary allows for, Lisa Finn, a sex educator at sex toy emporium Babeland, tells Health.

Sleepy spoons

Great for when you’re both feeling lazy yet turned on, this position allows you to snuggle while you have sex. Lie on your side with your partner curved behind you, touching their front to your back. They can reach around and put their hands on your shoulders or belly, then slide into you from behind and thrust in long, leisurely strokes.

Since your bodies are so close together, your partner can easily move their hands to your nipples or clitoris for extra stimulation, says Finn. And you can guide them to use the speed and intensity you like by placing your hand over theirs as they touch you.

Two lazy dogs

This doggy-style variation has you lying flat on your stomach, with your partner spread out against your back on top of you. “They can keep their arms extended in a push-up position or rest on their elbows, whichever is most comfortable,” says Finn.

While your partner takes charge of the speed and pacing, you can zone out and simply focus on the pleasure you feel and let them know when something feels extra amazing and you want more of it. Or give them a break and have your partner stay still while you move your hips in circles, stimulating them.

Comfy cunnilingus

This one is super simple: While you’re reclining on the bed or floor, spread your legs comfortably and have your partner give you oral sex. While they do the work, you can drift off into dreamland or give them direction, putting your hands on their head to steer them to the right angle. (Remember, lazy isn’t synonymous with non-communicative.) Prefer to lie on your belly? Have them perform cunnilingus from behind.

If your clitoris is very sensitive and can't always handle all the pleasurable sensations of receiving oral, Allison suggests leaning against a headboard or a stack of pillows. “If you’re sitting up, your partner's tongue will come down on top of your clitoral hood, which may help dull some of the sensation,” she explains.

Bathtub boning

“You don’t have to be in bed to have comfortable, lazy sex,” says Allison. That brings us to this second most leisurely place in the house: the bathtub, especially when it's filled with steamy water.

After you’ve drawn the water, ask your partner get in first and lie back, then recline against their chest facing away. Have them play with your breasts and clitoris with their hands, then prop yourself up a bit so they can enter you, and enjoy reverse cowgirl at a slow, easy pace. If the bath revives your energy, kick up the pace a notch and hold on to the edge of the tub while your partner thrusts faster and harder.

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