Q: My husband wants phone sex when I travel for work. Help!

A: Sure, it sounds NC-17, but phone sex can be a great way for couples to bond when apart. You dont need to turn into a phone-sex operator. Your man just wants to feel connected to you like he does when youre actually in bed.

First, dim the lights and slip into something sexy. Start by telling your husband what youre wearing, where you are, etc. Talk about the last time you had sex or what you would be doing to him if you were home. If the goal is an orgasm, describe what youre doing to yourself, and ask him to do the same. Just relax and have fun!

Q: I used to have a healthy sex life with my husband, now I have zero, and I mean zero, interest. Whats wrong with me?

A: There are many factors—including stress and fatigue—that can affect sexual desire. Its normal, for example, to not have the I-need-to-jump-your-bones feeling you did when you first met. When youve been with someone for a while, familiarity short-circuits desire.

To combat boredom, switch up the routine: Try passionate kisses instead of a peck when you leave in the morning or silk sheets on the bed. And more couple time can help keep you connected, which translates to hotter sex.

If you give it a try and nothing improves, check your meds: Some birth control pills and antidepressants can depress your libido. Discuss your concerns with your doc.