Sex is the glue that keeps most couples together. When the sexual bond is strong, the rest of the relationship—and our general health—reaps the rewards. But its not always easy to keep that sexual spark alive.

Exhaustion, stress, age, and financial worry can all slow us down … or even grind things to a screeching halt.

We wanted to get the latest on how the stuff going on around you is affecting your sex life and how youre keeping it hot in the bedroom. What weve found will surprise—and maybe delight—you.

Q: How often do you have sex?

18%: 3-plus times a week
“We do it five times a week. To me, sex isnt a chore, its an enjoyment”—Ella, 58, Morro Bay, CA)

34%: At least once a week
(“If it were possible, Id probably have more. But Ive learned that quality is much more important than quantity.”—Kay, 50, Sunbury, PA)

28%: At least once a month
(“My husband has three jobs, and Im in school. Theres not much time left in the day (especially with a toddler in the house).”—April, 25, Baton Rouge, LA)

11%: At least once a year
(“Im in a long-distance relationship. We both want it more—hope it happens!”—Karen, 54, Menomonee Falls, WI)

9%: Never
(“I found out my husband cheated on me.”—Linda, 60, Chester, NY)

Q: When was sex the best?

Most women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s answered: Right now!

Most women in their 50s and 60s said: In their 40s

Q: What is the most you've had sex in a single week?


14 or more times


7 times


4 to 6 times


1 to 3 times

[ pagebreak ]Q: What's the craziest place you've had sex?










Parents' Bed

Q: What would be the most romantic place to have sex?


A Paris Hotel Room


A California Beach


Camping in the Grand Canyon


A Gondola in Venice

[ pagebreak ]Q: What are your top 2 favorite “sexcessories?”

31%: Lingerie
26%: Vibrator

Q: Do you have sex most with the lights on or off?

65%: Off
35%: On

Q: What are your favorite ways to do it?

63%: Intercourse
(“Building up to the explosion is always better to me than the explosion itself.“—Faye, 45, Memphis, TN)

28%: Oral sex
(“Oral sex is one of the few ways I can have an orgasm. Penetration just doesnt do it.” —Christy, 34, Austell, GA)

9%: Mutual masturbation
(“Mutual masturbation is great for phone sex but not in person. Id rather masturbate myself. I know what Im doing! ” —Leslie, 34, White Bear Lake, MN)

[ pagebreak ]Q: Who is the sexiest couple today?

31%: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
30%: Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
14%: Michelle and Barack Obama

Q: Who are the top 5 celebrities you would sleep with if given a free pass?



Jennifer Aniston


George Clooney


Angelina Jolie


Hugh Jackman


Jessica Alba


Brad Pitt


Scarlett Johansson


Patrick Dempsey


Eva Longoria Parker


Denzel Washington

[ pagebreak ]Q: Have you faked an orgasm?

52% say: Yes
("In the past, yes. To get it over with."—Janna, 29, Hewlett, NY)

48% say: No
("Never. I believe in telling my husband what to do and how to do it, and he loves that!"—Allison, 27, Plano, TX)

Q: Have you ever cheated?

69%: No
31%: Yes

Q: Who wants more sex?

59%: Me
41%: My partner

Q: What's most likely to put a damper on a night of sex?

Women: Worrying that I look bad naked
Men: Worrying about money[ pagebreak ]Q: How satisfied are you with your sex life?

40%: Satisfied
(“Im satisfied, but now that Im pregnant with my first child I sometimes get down on my body image. That interferes with how much I can enjoy sex.”—Christine, 24, Woodland Hills, CA)

29%: Dissatisfied
(“Ive never had an orgasm during intercourse. I often feel cheated during sex, like my husband is enjoying it but I dont get to.” —Brenda, 38, Raymond, MS)

18%: Very satisfied
(“Im pretty darn happy. My man puts my satisfaction above everything, and he knows I get a lot of satisfaction from making him happy, too. Were both happy.” —Regina, 44, Galveston, TX)

14%: Very dissatisfied
(“Its as if my husband doesnt ever try to please me anymore. He has lost interest in sex and doesnt think that is an issue.” —Shell, 47, Avon, MA)

Q: Does penis size matter?

52%: No
48%: Yes

Q: What matters most during sex?

62%: Intimacy
20%: Foreplay
18%: Orgasm