Tap into the erotic power of your pair.


For all the attention your breasts get in push-up bras and low-cut tops, they tend to be played down or even forgotten once the action in the bedroom moves from the foreplay stage to the main event. And that's a damn shame, because your breasts and nipples are some of the most sensitive parts of your body, says Dalychia Saah, a sexuality educator and co-founder of Afrosexology.

When touched and teased the right way, your boobs can help you better enjoy sex—enhancing your arousal and priming your body for more explosive orgasms. Saah, Delaware-based board-certified clinical sexologist Debra Laino, and Afrosexology co-founder and sex educator Rafaella Fiallo break down the best ways to maximize the pleasure your pair can bring you.

Experiment with new sensations

When you're aroused, the sensitivity of your breasts increases (just like your clitoris!). In fact, when your nipples are sexually stimulated, those sensations travel to the same areas of the brain that respond to genital stimulation, according to research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. This triggers the release of oxytocin, the bonding hormone released when you have an orgasm.

Before you play around with different touches and strokes, first tune in to your senses, suggests Saah. "What smells, sounds, sights, touches, and tastes turn you on? And how can you incorporate those things into your day and into your sex life?" he says. Turn your phone off so you don't feel rushed or distracted; this is all about experimenting. Adds Saah: "From feathers to nipple clamps, warm body oil to ice cubes, circular motions to flicking, there are lots of things to explore to see if they bring you pleasure."

Play with aromatic massage

Massage may be a foreplay favorite, but mixing aromatherapy while giving your breasts major attention can be a total gamechanger. Laino recommends using a rose essential oil mixed with coconut oil for feminine, romantic massage oil for the breasts. "Scents can bring out feelings of eroticism and femininity which can enhance breast pleasure," Laino tells Health.

As far as technique, Laino recommends the massager aim for under the breasts and along the breast bone for a truly sensual massage. "Start off light here and then through arousal the pressure can get deeper," says Laino.

Maximize your size

Your breasts can get up to 25% larger when you're aroused, thanks to an increase in blood flow, a report by the United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS) found. More surface area and more weight equals more opportunity for stimulation.

"Playing with how the weight feels in certain positions is one way to take advantage of that change in size," says Fiallo. For example, allowing your breast to hang by leaning over and then having them firmly gripped may be a way to intensify pressure. Pushing them together and jiggling at various speeds is another way to experience their full weight and the pleasure you may get."

And don't let your partner forget to move beyond your nipples, which tend to be the main source of attention. "Focus on the areolas, the circular area surrounding the nipples, which is actually more sensitive than the nipples and starts to change not only in appearance but in the sensations they release," says Fiallo. Rub the upper region of the areola with your finger and ice, or a tongue if you're with a partner. Explore further by massaging, stroking, or licking the entire breast, especially the sides and underboobs, which typically do not get a lot of attention.

Play with toys

Sex toys aren't meant just for your vagina and clitoris. Your body is full of erogenous zones that often get short shrift after foreplay—and toys can help stimulate those area and enhance sensations all over. Saah and Fiallo suggest experimenting with the sensation of suction and vibration on your nipples,. "You can also use a vibrator or small massager to stimulate other parts of your breast," says Saah.

No need to shell out for an expensive vibrator; there are ways to get the same benefits of a sex toy with things you already have in your house. "Some common household items that you can use (with caution) for nipple play include regular or electric toothbrushes, bobby pins, chip clips, tape, candle wax, ice, a glass item after it's been in the freezer, and silk ties," says Saah.

Try positions that put your breasts front and center

The best way to make sure your breasts get more love during sex? Have sex in a position that makes it impossible to ignore them. "Most positions where you're on top give you and your partner access to your nipples," says Fiallo. "Don't be afraid to grab them yourself and give them a gentle or rough pull and squeeze."

"If you want your partner to play, kiss, lick, suck, or bite your breasts during sex, try the cowgirl position, straddling your partner when they're sitting upright, or putting your nipple straight in their mouth," says Fiallo. "If you just want to focus on exploring your breasts with a partner, lie on your back or sit back in a chair so that they have access and space to try all of the new things you just learned."

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