There arent many women we know who actually like standing naked in front of a mirror. But being comfortable with your body is vital for good sex. Women who are dissatisfied with their bodies are more inhibited in bed than those who are happy with their bodies—and that holds true whether they are a size 2 or a size 16. Self-assurance is what matters most, says New York sex therapist Edward Ratush, MD. Try these tips to make love with confidence.

  • Set the mood
  • If you want him to focus on your sexiness and not the size of your hips …
  • Break out the candles. “All bodies look good in candlelight,” says Dana Myers, owner of Booty Parlor, an online lingerie and sex-toy shop (her clients include stars like Jennifer Love Hewitt). Try her honey-scented 100-percent-soy Light My Fire candle ($20).

Dance. Ratush suggests dancing with your partner to get your mind primed for love. “If theres comfort and intimate touch, then sex becomes an organic, natural extension of that,” he says.

Wear something hot
The trick is finding lingerie that camouflages less-than-perfect places. So, if youre sensitive about …

  • Your belly: Wear a baby-doll top for coverage.
  • Your arms: Try a chemise or a style with sheer sleeves.
  • Your thighs: Put on a slip that ends just above the knees and has side vents—for a peek of skin.

Assume a sexy position
Try a particularly figure-flattering move like …

  • Doggie style. Sex from behind makes your waist look small and your bottom look good, too.
  • Missionary. This position elongates and stretches your limbs, great for women with larger thighs.
  • Spooning. It allows you to be superclose to your partner, in a comfortable, easy-on-the-eyes position.