People are furious at the idea.

Everyone is turned on by different things, and for influencer and mom of two Bri Dietz, there's one thing that really gets her going: choreplay.

Don't worry, we didn't know what it was at first either. Choreplay, as described by the letter board that Dietz's husband is holding up in her Instagram, is when a man helps with housework and gets lucky in return.

Dietz captioned her post, "Nothing hotter. Any other 'acts of service' love languagers out there? Mine 100%!"

We think writer and comedian Sarah Buckley, who actually first coined the term, said it best when she commented on Dietz's Instagram: "Get them floors mopped and the panties dropped." That's one way to get things done.

Some of her followers commented that they could relate. "Hahahahaha omg YES," one user wrote. "My husband said to me yesterday 'is there anything else I can do?' after checking a bunch of things off of my list. Totally choreplay."

Another wrote, "Yes! It’s such a turn on for me and also a win/win because it means I’ve got more time to spend on my man instead of doing cleaning and laundry."

But many people who saw the post were quick to point out how this system could be problematic. "Wtf," one user wrote, “'Helping' with housework?! Stop teaching women that if men do housework it’s HELPING, and they should get rewarded. They aren’t children. It’s 50% their responsibility. Is this from the 50s?!"

Another chimed in: "'Choreplay'? No. It’s his house too. 'Equals' means you both pull your weight because you are equal. Not because of 'choreplay.' True equality is what’s sexy."

One user pointed out something they would find sexier. "Things that are hotter: not expecting a reward for doing your share around the house."

Needless to say, choreplay is quite controversial. We think the real takeaway here is that every marriage is different, and we won't always agree with what helps another couple keep their sex life fresh.