It could change your life...or it could be a total waste of $385.

Relationships have many stages. First comes moving in together, then co-adopting a dog, and then after might be thinking marriage. But you're missing one oh-so-important step: buying your very first sex bench.

Oh, you haven't heard? Bringing home your first sex bench is almost as monumental as bringing home your first child (don't worry, we're kidding...kind of). Just ask Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson. Earlier this week, the Daily Mailphotographed the girlfriends carrying a large box containing the $385 Master Series Obedience Extreme Sex Bench with Restraint Straps into their West Hollywood home. Congrats to the happy couple!

According to the manufacturer, the "heavy duty piece of sex furniture" that Delevingne and Benson picked allows you to "go deeper than ever before!" Basically, one partner is strapped in on all fours to "leave them exposed for spankings, penetration, or both." Spicy.

The Daily Mail notes that the two were "giggling" and "couldn't keep the smiles off their faces" as they carried the bench into their home. Um, if you're not giggling after buying a bench that helps you "play vigorously for hours," something simply isn't right.

So you might be wondering if this sex bench is really worth the money. Same here, which is why we took a look at the reviews.

Jennifer B. said it "was fairly easy to put together and seems pretty sturdy." She also said, however, that the torso padding was a bit short for someone who is 5'10," as she is. "I was able to fit half way comfortably but after about an hour, it starts to hurt around your ribs and your vag may go numb." Yikes. Still, she gave it four stars. She also pointed out this added bonus: it "doubles as a fan holder to sit bed level when not in use." Talk about a versatile product.

Reviewer C.S. was less than pleased with how difficult it was to take down. "You might as well consider this permanent dungeon furniture unless you want to spend a lot of effort putting it up and taking it down every time you use it," they wrote. They also added, "This bench clearly needs to be longer and taller, or have adjustable height legs." Overall, three stars.

This bench admittedly has mixed reviews, but when it comes down to it, only you can know which sex bench is right for you. If you think you're ready to take your relationship to the next level, you can buy Delevingne and Benson's bench on Amazon.

To buy: Master Series Obedience Extreme Sex Bench with Restraint Straps ($385;

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